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indirect usage of SAP

SAP expects that the user has to dispose of the required rights of use, as it is further defined in their list of prices and conditions – in particular for all those persons who use SAP software indirect. These rights of use are similar to the CALs in the world of Microsoft. Its a matter of usage that is completely diconnected from the SAP installation. The user of a third-party software, that accesses information/data of the SAP system, uses basically the database in the background and not the old or new SAP features; especially those desired features he can find in a third-party software. This user doesnt care about new SAP features. He is primarily interested in information from the database. The demand for new features through a maintenance contract does not reach the user by this. If the SAP installation is so defectice that it remains standing, the corporate use has a lot of other things to worry about than a claim of correction of the error by the thirt-party user. The regular SAP users have spent enough money for the purchase and maintenance contract so that they have a right of manufacturer support.

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Inform yourselve about second hand licenses in SAP for indirect usage – without maintenance!

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